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company culture

Leli's slogan
Customer first, quality oriented, honest service, pioneering and enterprising

Improve the industry image of China's pump pressure controller

Provide users with better products and technologies

Leli Enterprise Spirit
Treating people with integrity is our way of doing things.

Serious responsibility is our work style

Unity and dedication is our overall consciousness

Customer-oriented, quality-oriented is our foundation

Unity and cooperation, development and progress are our development direction

Leli's philosophy
In the limited and diverse fields led by the information industry, through the unremitting efforts of all the people, we work together with our partners to provide the society with technologies, products and services that can meet the needs of users and reflect our characteristics. In return for customers, partners, employees, society and government.

Lely's core values
Pursuit Through the unremitting efforts of all Leli people to realize the dream of customers. And through hard work and perseverance, Leli has become a leading company in the same industry.

The partner is the foundation of the development of Leli. Integrity, self-discipline, dedication, enthusiasm, and innovation are the greater wealth of Leli. On the basis of respecting personality, respecting individuality and respecting knowledge, Leli advocates employees to work together and work together.

Innovation Extensively absorb relevant new research results from around the world, and creatively develop its core technology and technology application system on the basis of independence.

Co-operation and cooperation, mutual benefit, and the formation of interests between customers, partners, and employees.

Responsibility Leli has taken the industry as the country, and strives to make positive contributions to the economic and social undertakings of the country and the region while developing the enterprise.