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Taizhou Leli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Leli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2013, mainly engaged in electronic products, mechatronics, Internet of Things, inverter controllers, pump circuit boards, software development, automation control research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, motors High-tech enterprise that designs and develops control systems. The main products are electronic pressure switch, pump controller, water pump control circuit board, all kinds of brushless DC motor control board, IoT products and so on. The company has a group of professional and scientific talents who dare to develop and dare to innovate. It has a development center, testing laboratory (water pump control development department, Internet of Things development department and testing laboratory) and first-class production equipment and various testing equipment. Continuous innovation in the areas of product quality, corporate management, and business strategy. The company has strong technical and R&D capabilities, and has won many honorary certificates such as Zhejiang Science and Technology SMEs and National High-tech Enterprises.

The company respects talents, values talents, and develops talents. Thanks to the joint efforts of all colleagues, the company has achieved considerable development. The company's existing products have obtained a number of patents, and obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, and strictly established, implemented, maintained and continuously improved according to the requirements of ISO9001:2000 standards. Quality management system. Products have passed the United States UL, Canada CSA, Germany TÜ; V, EU CE and other international certification. We cooperated with many well-known water pump manufacturing companies in China to install our pump controllers, pressure switches and export them to Europe, Middle East, America, Southeast Asia, etc., and achieved a good market.

Better products, better service, better reputation. Quality is the life of an enterprise. It enhances the sense of responsibility of all employees, cultivates the quality awareness of each employee, and enables employees to truly understand the importance of quality first. Only by making the products better can we stand for a long time in the fierce market competition. Our success comes from the high level of attention to customer needs and the constant pursuit and innovation of high quality products.

development path:

January 2002 Established Taizhou Navigation Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

June 2013 Established Taizhou Leli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

March 2016 Awarded Zhejiang Science and Technology Center Enterprise

June 2016 Awarded Taizhou High-tech Enterprise

November 2017 Awarded a national high-tech enterprise