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  • Strengthening the construction of building technology system is a new direction for the development of secondary structure pouring pump industry

    release time:2018-11-09

    The reform and development of the construction industry is to foster the new growth momentum of the construction industry. It is necessary to vigorously develop the prefabricated buildings and promote the adjustment and...

  • Development Status of Domestic Industrial Pump Enterprises and Analysis of Strategies for Changing Marketing Models

    release time:2018-11-09

    The pump is a widely used mechanical product in China. Whether it is agricultural machinery or industrial machinery, the application is very common. The main types are gear pump, centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, hydraulic...

  • The key to the development of secondary construction column pump industry: to resolve overcapacity

    release time:2018-11-09

    Since the beginning of this year, the total turnover of secondary structural column pump products has continued to decline. Most secondary structural column pump enterprises have increased their sales through inventory ...

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