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Strengthening the construction of building technology system is a new direction for the development of secondary structure pouring pump industry

2018-11-09 10:25:42 clicks:487
The reform and development of the construction industry is to foster the new growth momentum of the construction industry. It is necessary to vigorously develop the prefabricated buildings and promote the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure; seize the opportunities brought by the PPP project for the construction industry enterprises; vigorously promote the general contracting method of design and construction; standardize the management of the industry, Create a unified and open market order.

Strengthening the construction of building technology system is a new direction for the development of secondary structure pouring pump industry

The secondary structure column pump product is a fine stone mortar conveying equipment specially developed for the characteristics of the secondary structure construction of the building. It is suitable for the large-area and high-efficiency construction of the mortar filling layer in the secondary structural column engineering.

Secondary construction column pouring pump advantages:

1. Full mechanized operation is hundreds of times of artificial pouring concrete, shortening the construction period.

2. This pump has good concrete continuity, and the transportation series saves labor costs.

3. The pump is small in size, convenient in construction, simple in operation, and can be directly poured on the floor, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

Secondary structure pouring pump principle:

1. Full hydraulic control reversing hydraulic system, optimized circuit design, low heat loss and stable system.

2.S pipe valve is casted with high manganese steel, easy to wear surface surfacing anti-wear material; glasses plate and cutting ring are made of high-hard wear-resistant alloy, pressure and wear resistance.

3. Pistons use imported raw materials, cylinder seals and imported electrical components for key electrical components.

4. The layout is reasonable and the maintenance space is large. The design is rigorous, taking into account economy and reliability, and cost-effective.

Scope of application: Widely used in the transportation of high-rise building ash mortar, various pressure grouting in reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports and wharfs, basic treatment, grouting in soft foundation reinforcement, backfill grouting anchor support in tunnels, subways and mine construction. Product Features Mortar pump is a pump that can adapt to various working conditions, such as conveying acid, alkaline liquid or slurry.

The development of prefabricated buildings is conducive to the construction industry to save resources and energy, reduce construction pollution, improve labor productivity and quality and safety, and promote the deep integration of construction industry and information industrialization, development of new industries, and cultivation of new kinetic energy. It is hoped that the majority of construction enterprises will accelerate the research and development and promotion of the prefabricated building technology system and form a number of key core technologies.